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Installation of kdesvn

This page describes installation from source. For installation of binary packages consult documentation for your system.


  • At least kde 3.4 and not higher then 3.5.x for kdesvn 1.0.x, kde 4.1 for kdesvn 1.2.x or newer. kde 4.0.x is NOT supported.
  • subversion >= 1.2. Earlier version are not longer supported.
  • cmake 2.4 (building from source)
  • apr-devel, kdelibs-devel, subversion-devel and qt-devel (including uic tool) when building from source.

SuSE 9.3

SuSE 9.3 may find required stuff in Apache project ftp for SuSE.

RedHat Enterprise / CentOS 4/5

Try out kde-redhat and Rpmforge RPMs for kde 3.5 and subversion 1.4 for both systems.

I don’t know why but RHEL/CentOS comes without cmake, so keep care installing it. You may find it for centos 5 on atrpms site. With this deps I had build packages for CentOS – them should work for RHEL, too.

I don’t know if there is kde 4.1.x for CentOS or RHEL so I only tested it with kde 3.5 and kdesvn 1.0.x.

Build instructions

See Cmake-install in source tree

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