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Kdesvn is moved

Kdesvn is now hosted on http://projects.kde.org/kdesvn

A subversion client for KDE

KDESvn is a frontend to the subversion vcs. In difference to most other tools it uses the subversion C-Api direct via a c++ wrapper made by Rapid SVN and doesn’t parse the output of the subversion client. So it is a real client itself instead of a frontend to the command line tool. The origin wrapper is meanwhile ported to  Qt-toolkit and may used in other projects wanting a pure qt-wrapper.

As the name says its highly integrated into the K-Desktop environment and uses all of the goodies it has. This means: it is not usable on windows as long as kde isn’t ported there.

You may take a look on some screenshots to get an overview about this little tool or to the handbook for more information. For testing latest development checkout  kdesvn repository (http://www.alwins-world.de/repos/kdesvn) and follow buildinstructions inside.


See here


Short info about changes you may get on right inside news-ticker. If you have wishes you may enter a feature request.

Kdesvn is fully ported to KDE4. This means that I stop development on kde3 version of kdesvn. Critical bugs I’ll fix in future of course. Since version 1.2.x
I stopped support of subversion 1.2 or earlier, too ’cause it isn’t possible handle this inside code (and I’m not able and willing testing this old subversion with kdesvn)


Some people asked how to donate for kdesvn.

Well, you must not donate. kdesvn is free. It is a project helps me in my daily work, helps me, keeping up2date with knowledge.
If you realy want to honor my work, feel free searching trough my Amazon wishlist (english variant) or use the paypal button left.

Many thanks to those of you sending me something (books from wishlist, gift coupons) – I were real glad about.

4 thoughts on “Kdesvn

  1. fatalfeel

    KdeSvn (Gui Svn) in ubuntu 12.04/14.04 install step

    Download kdesvn-master.zip

    apt-get install cmake
    apt-get install kdelibs5-dev
    apt-get install libapr1-dev libaprutil1-dev
    apt-get install libsvn-dev
    apt-get install oxygen-icon-theme

    extract kdesvn-master.zip
    cd kdesvn-master
    mkdir kdesvn-build
    cd kdesvn-build
    cmake ../

    gedit ./CMakeCache.txt
    find and set

    make -j8 && make install
    (-j8 means 8 threads to make)


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