KIO / command line

Show log after executing a command

Should a dialog open with the log of last subversion command when it was executed via command line or Konqueror action menu.

Minimum log lines to show

If Show log... is set, what is the minimum of lines before such a dialog will shown. So you may set that such window will only shown when interesting output was generated (commit log and so on)

Do not display context menu in Konqueror

If set, no action menu entry for kdesvn is made in Konqueror.

KIO operations use standard log message

When making operations on a repository via the kdesvn KIO protocol from within Konqueror (i.e., ksvn+... protocols) on large operations like moving or copy folders kdesvn would ask for a log message for each item. This is a behavior of Konqueror. When this option is set, the KIO implementation from kdesvn will not ask for a log message but set a standard log message. This flag is not for the operations from kdesvn action menu for Konqueror but only copy/move/mkdir/delete made with Konqueror or other file managers on a KIO-url.

Standard message

The message kdesvn KIO should set on operations from within Konqueror when the flag above is set. Default is Revision made with kdesvn KIO.