Chapter 3. Konqueror, KIO, kdesvn

Table of Contents

Usage of KIO outside Konqueror - an example
Programmers information about KIO::ksvn
Command list
Return values


As of version 0.7.0 of kdesvn it comes with some modules integrating some commands directly into Konqueror menus.

KIO protocols

Implements handlers for the following protocols:

  • ksvn+http

  • ksvn+https

  • ksvn+file

  • ksvn+ssh

  • ksvn

The same may be said for svn+.... But as from KDE 3.4, kdesdk has it own small svn-kio called svn+http etc. So packages are organized that way - or should that svn+... comes as an extra package so it may installed if kdesdk hasn't installed it.

These protocols are designed only for repositories, not for working copies. For example, ksvn+file:///path must point to the beginning of a repository different to the application itself or KPart. Working copies may browsed with Konqueror.

For browsing at a specific revision you may append the query ?rev=revision to the URL.

Context menus

kdesvn installs context menus for Konqueror. Them may be seen with right mouse click in the browser window (only in standard view, not any KPart) so it is possible to do most used actions direct from within Konqueror (or any other file managers that read Konqueror context menus like dolphin). This is done via a call to the command line variant of kdesvn.

Usage of KIO outside Konqueror - an example

Every KDE based application may use these protocols. So it would be possible to retrieve all differences between two revisions with KDiff3 without any deep knowledge.

Example 3.1. Retrieving differences between revisions using KDiff3 and KIO::ksvn

kdiff3 \
  ksvn:// \

Let KDiff3 print all differences between two revisions.


Using this within kdesvn (diff'ing two revisions) is MUCH faster because the internal mechanisms of subversion are used.