The kdesvn Handbook

Rajko Albrecht

Revision 0.4 (2013-07-05)

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kdesvn - a subversion client for KDE.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Using kdesvn
kdesvn features
Beginning with subversion and kdesvn
Creating a working copy
Committing local changes
Update working copy
Adding and Deleting from working copy
Displaying logs
Working on repositories
Restoring deleted items
Importing folders
Other Operations
Resolving conflicts
Properties used by kdesvn for configuration
Bugtracker integration
The revision tree
Internal log cache
Offline mode
Log cache and revision tree
Meaning of icon overlays
kdesvn and passwords
Not saving passwords
Saving passwords in KWallet
Saving to subversion's own password storage
Internal password cache
Special case svn+ssh
3. Konqueror, KIO, kdesvn
Usage of KIO outside Konqueror - an example
Programmers information about KIO::ksvn
Command list
Return values
4. Using kdesvn via command line
Command list
The log command
The diff command
5. Settings
Subversion settings
Diff & Merge
Use external diff display
External diff display
External merge program
Conflict resolver program
KIO / command line
6. Command Reference
The main kdesvn window
The File Menu
The Bookmark Menu
The Subversion Menu
The Help Menu
The subversion toolbar
7. Questions and Answers
A. Syntax for revisions
B. Further information
Reporting bugs / Feedback
Credits and License and Thanks
C. Installation
How to obtain kdesvn
Compilation and Installation

List of Tables

2.1. Bugtracker Integration Properties
3.1. Command overview for KIO::ksvn::special
3.2. Content of metadata
4.1. Subversion commands
4.2. Parameter for subversion commands

List of Examples

3.1. Retrieving differences between revisions using KDiff3 and KIO::ksvn
4.1. Display the last 20 commit logs
4.2. Print difference against repository, i.e. local changes
4.3. Print difference between revisions
4.4. Diffing two tagged versions