Chapter 6. Command Reference

Table of Contents

The main kdesvn window
The File Menu
The Bookmark Menu
The Subversion Menu
The Help Menu
The subversion toolbar

The main kdesvn window

The File Menu

FileOpen (Ctrl+O)

Open a local working copy or a repository previously checked out

FileClose (Ctrl+W)

Close current opened repository or working copy

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quits kdesvn

The Bookmark Menu

See Konqueror help.

The Subversion Menu

SubversionViewRefresh view (F5)

Refresh the current status of all displayed items. This will list each item asked for to be displayed at current status.

General subversion actions

SubversionGeneralHistory of item (Ctrl+L)

Display lifetime log of the currently selected item. Be careful, this list may be really big!

SubversionGeneralHistory of item ignoring copies... (Ctrl+Shift+L)

Displays the history log of selected item without following copies.

SubversionGeneralDetails (Ctrl+I)

Displays detailed information about selected item(s)


Makes an annotated list over all checkins. That may consume time!

SubversionGeneralBlame range

Annotate a range of commits for a file.

SubversionGeneralCat head

Shows the content of the last committed version of that entry. (May be different to working copy version if working on a WC!)

SubversionGeneralMove (F2)

Move or rename item inside working copy or in repository

SubversionGeneralCopy (Ctrl+C)

Copy item inside working copy or in repository

SubversionGeneralDelete selected files/dirs (Del)

Delete selected entries. If working in a working copy you must commit your deletions afterwards.

SubversionGeneralNew folder

Create a new folder.

SubversionGeneralImport folders into current

Select folders you want to import into the current selected directory

SubversionGeneralCheckout a repository

Creates a new working copy of a repository

SubversionGeneralExport a repository

Exports a repository to file system, i.e. creates a clean revision tree without subversion information.

SubversionGeneralLock current items

Mark current items as locked. Read the subversion handbook before using this!

SubversionGeneralUnlock current items

Remove locks on current items. Read the subversion handbook before using this!

Working copy

SubversionWorking copyUpdate to head

Update working copy to HEAD of repository

SubversionWorking copyUpdate to revision...

Update working copy to a specific revision of repository

SubversionWorking copyCommit (Ctrl+#)

Commit changes inside working copy for selected items to repository.

SubversionWorking copyDiff local changes (Ctrl+D)

Display local changes as diff-output (without network access). This is the difference only to last state the working copy was updated to, not against the version in repository.

SubversionWorking copyDiff against HEAD (Ctrl+H)

Diff's current working copy against head of repository.

SubversionWorking copyProperties (Ctrl+P)

View/Edit properties assigned with current entry.

SubversionWorking copyAdd selected files/dirs (Insert)

Add selected files and/or folders to version control.

SubversionWorking copyRevert current changes

Revert changes made in working copy and updates to last updated state.

SubversionWorking copyMark resolved

Mark conflicted items as not conflicted and remove associated files.

SubversionWorking copyMerge two revisions

Merge two revisions of entries into working copy.

SubversionWorking copyIgnore/Unignore current item

Edit property of parent folder of the current item so that selected item will be marked as ignored if not set, otherwise remove it from ignore list.

SubversionWorking copyCleanup

Clean up the working copy and remove (commit-)locks if any

SubversionWorking copySwitch repository

Switch the root of the current working copy.


SubversionRepositoryCheckout current repository path

Create a working copy from the current selected entry if a directory.

SubversionRepositoryExport current repository path

Create a clean copy on local file system from the current selected entry if a directory.

The Help Menu

Helpkdesvn Handbook (F1)

Invokes the KDE Help system starting at the kdesvn help pages. (this document).

HelpWhat's This? (Shift+F1)

Changes the mouse cursor to a combination arrow and question mark. Clicking on items within kdesvn will open a help window (if one exists for the particular item) explaining the item's function.

HelpReport Bug...

Opens the Bug report dialog where you can report a bug or request a wishlist feature.

HelpSwitch Application Language...

Opens a dialog where you can edit the Primary language and Fallback language for this application.

HelpAbout kdesvn

This will display version and author information.

HelpAbout KDE

This displays the KDE version and other basic information.

The subversion toolbar


Open a working copy