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Future development of kdesvn

It’s time thinking about how the development should be done in future or what should be done.
As you know, kdesvn is splitted into three parts:

  1. The standalone application with full featured subversion UI
  2. A KIO interface let you browse in subversion repositories from within filemanagers (ksvn+xxxx)
  3. A commandline interface which is very basic including menu entries for filemanagers

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Where to post bugs and feature requests

Due integration into kde workflow I shut down the own bugtracker system. If you want to file bugs or feature request you have to use now the bugtracker from kde itself:
For that you require a login on this site, but it’s ok I think. I saw it on the old bugtracker, open commits to bugtracking system is sometimes horrible for the admins due spammers.

You make take a look into existing bugs for kdesvn before posting a new one.


Released Version 1.6.0

It is not that much, mostly prepared some stuff for better work with subversion 1.7.x cause older release often crashes in standard situations when running with svn 1.7.x

Russian translation is re-enabled due contributor.

More details see ChangeLog

Restarted work


those of you taking a look on this site has seen, that I re-started working on kdesvn.

Reason is simple: I like this software, I need this software myself, and it looks like there is no one doing it.

So I’ll do some slow motion work, mostly fix problems with new subversion releases. And implement some new features I like to have.

And many thanks to those, sending me the last weeks gifts and payments. It was a nice sign.

Another Bugfix release

A new bugfix is released (rel 1.5.5).

It contains following fixes:

  • fixed problems while updating view after a subversion update of working copy
  • KNotify progress messages of KIO operation may switched off

Last small feature I got as request per email.

Source download as before in downloads, binaries via  OpenSuse Build service or your distribution.


Kdesvn got a small bugfix for ticket #804, ’cause without this fix it may unusable on some configurations I released this version.

Other hand: next bigger release with new features is moved over to another day. Yes, I’m working on kdesvn. but not hard as years before. One reason: the most important stuff is integrated and it is mostly usable. Second (and most important): Time. As of now I didn’t any real support from other side, no other developers taking code, contribute something, sometimes a small patch for minor stuff comes (which is very fine!) but nothing else.

So I think, it is ok, when I reduce my time a little bit for kdesvn. Or integrate a paypal button 😉 We will see.

Hopefully this year a bigger release (1.6.x) comes, but don’t know when.

Have a nice weekend!

Kdesvn 1.5.3 released

I’ve got some bugreports about some minor problems which are real ugly so I had fixed them for another bugfix (and 1.6.0 must wait due work overload on my side).

The changes of this release you’ll find inside the ChangeLog of this release.

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