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Version 0.14.1 released

tagged 0.14.1 which is a bugfix release. It fixes a crasher which only comes when build without debug code.

And as small extra french and lithuanian translation are updated, tnx to the maintainers of them.

On the download page you’ll find various packages and the sources.

Version 0.14.0 released

Today I released the delayed version 0.14.0 of kdesvn.

The most important changes you may read inside the Changelog. From now I set the focus porting kdesvn to KDE4 which is scheduled for end of this year.

On the download page you’ll find various packages and the sources.

Spam filter activated again

‘Cause a lot of brainf* spam tickets entries I had to re-enable some restrictive parts of the anti-spam subsystem. This moment 20 up to 30 tries to enter spam into this site are logged. I hate this.

So it may possible that your ticket will rejected ’cause it isn’t well trained this moment. So feel free create an account and sending ticket or sending it via email (should work a little better) to the bugs-mailing adress. (kdesvn – bugs at alwins – world dot de, remove spaces).

Subversion accounts bound to TRAC

The subversion accounts used are now bound to the TRAC user database.

This means: the guys and ladies having a write access account may create this account here, too. Than tell me about and I may give write access. For more details see in HowToContribute.

kdesvn-bugs now inserts into ticket system

After a few fights against mailssystem the adress isn’t a mailing list anymore but injects direct into ticket list.

So hopefully I never forget bugreports or feature request anymore.