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KDE4 port mostly finished


all of you waiting for kdesvn for kde4: Most parts are done. If you want to try it out, you may get the source from kde4 branch. It would be great getting some feedback about not working stuff, missing stuff or any problems related to kde4 port.

Now I just waiting if I get some translations back for KDE4-release. Many thanks to Petr Vanek who helped a lot with sometimes stupid portage. If all goes fine next week I’ll make a release of kdesvn-kde4.

Of course I made some screenshots:

Kdesvn Main window





Blame dialog

Kdesvn 1.0.1 released

Today version 1.0.1 of kdesvn is released. It contains no new features but some bugfixes.

In Changelog for this release you see more details. Download source archive kdesvn-1.0.0.tar.bz2 if you want build it yourself or check out  Opensuse Buildserver for binary packages.

Kdesvn 1.0.0 is out

Hi all there,

a few minutes ago kdesvn 1.0.0 were tagged. Yes.

Why not 0.15.0?

  1. It is the last big release I create for kde3 version.
  2. It has all features I ever wanted inside, include sqlite-cache of logs.
  3. It should released begin of june, but implementing some stuff cost more than I thought. And in this time I thought about real new features needed – I didn’t found some. So – feature finish. Release 1.0.

Of course kde3 development will not stop, but only bugfixing and some of tickets. But bigger stuff will only implemented in KDE4 version.

You find this version inside DownLoads (with links to binary packages)

Kdesvn in Openbuild service

I finished last steps on  Novells Openbuild Service for kdesvn. For Suse and RedHat based systems it builds now  packages you may download.

‘Cause I have no knowledge about mandriva and xUbuntu I couldn’t setup this buildsystems. You’re welcome helping me for this distributions.

Version 0.14.4 released

Today I tagged which contains two bugfixes.

It hopefully fixes another utf8 encoding error and a binary compatible error. And kdesvn will now build against upcoming subversion 1.5 again.

Packages I’ll put into the download area

Kdesvn 0.14.3 released

Today I released the version 0.14.3, which fixes some bugs, too.

The Changelog contains all changes. Most important fix is that now kdesvn doesn’t run into troubles on diff between copied/moved versions of an entry.

Packages you may found inside download area, not all packages are availaible now, them will follow next days

Kdesvn 0.14.2 tagged


Today I released the delayed version 0.14.2, which is mostly a bugfix release.

The Changelog contains all changes, most important is the fix of some stupid crasher when kdesvn is embedded into konqueror.

Packages you may found inside download area, not all packages are availaible now, them will follow next days.

Poll for a new name

I’ve got a suggestion changing the name of kdesvn.

I’m not sure if it is a good idea, so you may tell me your suggestion. Here you may poll about it (requires a trac account).

If you have other ideas than said here feel free to tell them in #213.