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Bugfix version 1.5.2

Just released another small bugfix package.

Most important: it fixes a problem with non-latin1-foldernames opened kdesvn.

Until no more critical bugs are posted it will be the last release of a 1.5.x kdesvn.

Bugfix 1.5.1

I’ve got some reponse about 1.5.0 that it contains some mistakes, mostly kdesvn sends too much messages.

Second I’ve got a hint about bug messages inside debian bug tracker which I wanted fix, too.

Third I detected that I forgot merge back an older fix from 1.4.x branch.

Thats why I have to short release a new version. Real sorry about that, next time I will be much more carefull again.

You’ll find the packages in download area, feedback is very welcome as every time.

Bugfix release 1.4.1

This release fixe some more / less important errors:

  • kdesvnaskpass checks if last given password were wrong and ignores stored pw in that case
  • fixed a buildproblem with qt < 4.5
  • fixed a crasher while update to new added items

You may download sources from DownLoads section of wiki or wait until your distributor updates its packages.

xUbuntu builds


last days I got a lot of bugreports for kdesvn 0.14.1 on Kubuntu 8.04. This kdesvn-version is a year old. I don’t know why it isn’t patched offical, I don’t know where to find kdesvn backports for xUbuntu, but I know that kdesvn 1.0.2 is working with it. (The kde4-port, too).

So I had taken the setups from Michael Biebl (the maintainer of the fine debian packages) and generated an entry for OpenSuse Build service and since a few minutes I got it working and it build  kdesvn 1.0.2 for xUbuntu 8.04. So you may try out these packages.

If someone knows about a official backport archive where to get kdesvn updates on a regular basis for xUbuntu please let me know. Meanwhile enjoy this packages.

Finished Release 1.4.0

Yesterday I’d tagged the much too late release 1.4.0. Late ’cause I had made more changes as I wanted while first planning.

Most important may that kdesvn now real knows about subversion 1.6 interface changes. Most of them aren’t visible to user side. Second important: I’d integrated repository specific settings stored inside log cache database. This log cache may now viewed and deleted if not wanted, automatic log cache update may switched off per repository.

For more about this version read the Changelog.

Version 1.5.x is planned, but due some very important changes in my life it may delayed in time, too.

1.0.6 is out

The kde3 branch of kdesvn got a small bugfix for ticket #614 (compile error). The sources you may find in download area as kdesvn-1.0.6.tar.bz2.

This version contains nothing more than this buildfix, no new features. So if your current kd3-version of kdesvn runs there is no need for upgrade.


Account registration disabled

In last time I got a lot of fake accounts created. This realy sux. It wastes my time, my mailfolder, the system.

‘Cause for sending tickets an account isn’t real required I disabled the registration module. If someone wants a login (whyever) mail me the nick wished and I will create an account.

Of course, existing accounts may login 🙂

Urgent bugfix release

With version 1.3.1 a lot users reported ugly crasher when using the navigation panel.

Seems that I found the reason now. But I don’t understand why it not happened with fedora 10/11. So I can not real test it (I have currently no Opensuse machine near to me). If this crasher occurs with this version, too I’ll prepare a virtual machine.

So please test it and report if problems.

You’ll get it from DownLoads or hopefully your distribution maintainer will make packages.

See tags/rel_1_3_2/ChangeLog for more info about this release

Mailing lists broken

Since last system upgrade it looks like mailling lists doesn’t work anymore.

‘Cause I have no idea whats going wrong I can not fix this. On other hand – this lists where not used a long time so I think it would better switching them off meanwhile until I have an idea whats going wrong.