It was good, it was my, and its enough

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Hi all there

The first commit of kdesvn is seven years ago. Ohlo says there are 45k lines of code.

But now: I have no time, no interest anymore. There are lot of reasons for that. The most important: I’m in real the one and only developer of kdesvn. Yes, there are contributions of others. And yes, I’m thankful for them. But more than 95% are written by me.

Some of you send me gifts via Amazon, I’ve got 10 (words: ten) euros donated via paypal, I were real glad about it.

But so I had to decide: Do I need kdesvn for myself anymore? No, not real.

Most projects I handle are moved over to GIT.


It is not worth my time. I’d learned enough about subversion (yes, in fact, it is damned good, I still like it), about KDE development – but I have family, I have a cool motorbike, a camera, so the one and only reason I would work like in past on it would be if I got something more on feedback (means, not only bugreports).

I don’t get, thats real ok. But so I think other may take the source. (KDE SC Team itself?) and develop it further.

May that I sometimes start a KDEgit like kdesvn, may that I do not. Who knows. May that I start developing kdesvn again. But this moment I would say no.

Take the source, if you like take the name, talk to kde sc team, if them would do.

Beginning of summer I’ll shut down this page.

It was good, it was my, and now its enough.

Thanks to all who gaved me feedback, gaved me gifts, who liked this software.

Over and out

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