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Kdesvn got a small bugfix for ticket #804, ’cause without this fix it may unusable on some configurations I released this version.

Other hand: next bigger release with new features is moved over to another day. Yes, I’m working on kdesvn. but not hard as years before. One reason: the most important stuff is integrated and it is mostly usable. Second (and most important): Time. As of now I didn’t any real support from other side, no other developers taking code, contribute something, sometimes a small patch for minor stuff comes (which is very fine!) but nothing else.

So I think, it is ok, when I reduce my time a little bit for kdesvn. Or integrate a paypal button 😉 We will see.

Hopefully this year a bigger release (1.6.x) comes, but don’t know when.

Have a nice weekend!

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