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last days I got a lot of bugreports for kdesvn 0.14.1 on Kubuntu 8.04. This kdesvn-version is a year old. I don’t know why it isn’t patched offical, I don’t know where to find kdesvn backports for xUbuntu, but I know that kdesvn 1.0.2 is working with it. (The kde4-port, too).

So I had taken the setups from Michael Biebl (the maintainer of the fine debian packages) and generated an entry for OpenSuse Build service and since a few minutes I got it working and it build  kdesvn 1.0.2 for xUbuntu 8.04. So you may try out these packages.

If someone knows about a official backport archive where to get kdesvn updates on a regular basis for xUbuntu please let me know. Meanwhile enjoy this packages.

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